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Tucked just behind  the sanctuary in room 202. It has some of  the best reading in town. There’s no excuse not to spend some time with a good book! The library is open for use before and after each service. (and the way some of us talk, that’s a long time!)

Approximately 8,700 books in the library are available for borrowing. Filed by the Dewy Decimal system are books useful in the fields of Bible study, science, Christian living, social issues, family, biographies (mission and individual) plus fiction, to mention a few.

Children’s Library

These books are arranged by age group: pre-K, kindergarten, primary, junior, middle school and high school. Themes and topics are similar to those of the adult section.


Entertaining and educational adult and children’s DVD’s are available. Biblical themes, evangelism, teaching and apologetics are located in two banks of shelves in the front of the library.

Vertical File

This resource located in the file cabinet contains magazine articles and pamphlets on Bible history and current issues on living the Christian life. These may not be borrowed, they may be copied.


Magazines plus college information and catalogues may be borrowed from the rack in the library. These include Moody, Creation, World and Israel My Glory.


CDs and tapes include fiction, sermons, holiday concerts and current topics of interest. They are located next to the videos.

Library Guidelines

Books may be borrowed for 2 weeks and renewed.
Videos may be borrowed for 1 week.
Please fill out a card in the box on the card catalogue if you are not a member.
Overdue book fines may be placed in the conscience box.


If you have any questions or interested in donating good, new or used books or videos appropriate for the church library, please contact Sally at (610)-353-5235.