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Global Outreach

Purpose, Vision and Values


“The GO team exists to inform and engage the Grace Chapel community in its cross-cultural and regional expressions of Jesus’ disciple-making mandate.”


“That every member and friend of the Grace Chapel community be actively engaged in God’s global purposes of making disciples of all peoples through praying, sending and going, leveraging their resources, abilities and professional skills to accomplish Jesus’ mandate.”


  • Disciple-making – helping people know Jesus through loving relationship wherever life happens so that they will do the same with others
  • The proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel through meeting the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of people.
  • Engaging unreached* peoples far and near
  • Relationship-based sending

• Preparing those we send.

• Investing highly in those we send.

• Establishing accountability with those we send.

  • Strategic sending – following where God is working in our midst
  • Innovation to accomplish Jesus’ mandate
  • Providing on-ramps to engage the Grace Chapel community in Global Outreach

• Prayer & correspondence opportunities

• Short-term trips


• Training & internships

• Working with GO team

  • Serving alongside the global church

*An unreached or least-reached people is a people group among which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize this people group… The original Joshua Project editorial committee selected the criteria less than 2% Evangelical Christian and less than 5% Christian Adherents.” (

The implication of this reality is that outside cross-cultural assistance is needed to evangelize the unreached people group. Thus the need to continually be engaged in sending workers to unreached people far and near.

The purpose, vision and core priorities of Global Outreach at Grace Chapel reflect the global purposes of God as revealed in all of Scripture.